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Visa & Work Permit Statements

Please notice that: The International Relations Office do not provide/ proceed any visa or work permit service for other people, except for Burapha University's staff and students.

First of all, foreign students/ volunteers/ researchers or foreigners who apply for studying or educational purpose in Thailand should hold Non-immigrant "ED" visa. In the case of foreigners who apply for working/teaching in Thailand must hold Non-immigrant "B" visa for coming to Thailand.

For people who hold Tourist visa must change visa status to Non-immigrant visa while their tourist visa is still valid at least 15 days. Then, they are able to extend visa for staying inThailand.

Since there are now many foreign students/employees at Burapha University, this is a guideline of visa and work permit management for both international relations officers and foreigners. The International Relations Office will provide them an offical letter for visa and work permit application, while they have to prepare their personal documents required to visa and work permit application. Then, their departments or faculties have to arrange transportation to the immigration. Please note that we will proceed visa extension and work permit for only foreign employees who are employed by annual government budget.

According to there are more foreign students and employees at Burapha University, it needs to check carefully and correctly. Therefore, it is to process faster, the foreigners who need a letter for visa application, extension or type change please download the following form and do the steps as revealed in the form.
Request Form for a Letter of Visa Matters click

In order to obtain for the visa extension, the foreigners must proceed the extension at the Sriracha Immigration in Chonburi while their visa are still valid at least one month. Also, they should wear polite clothes or student uniform when contact with the immigration. After their extension are granted, they must report to the immigration once every 90 days. When they need to leave Thailand for a short period, they must apply for re-entry permit before traveling in order to maintain their visa period.

PIC: Mr. Jirut Tuandilok
International Relations Officer
Tel. +6638102942
Fax. +6638390047
Email: jirut@buu.ac.th (only used for work)

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