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Changing Visa Status

Foreigners who have been holding tourist visa coming to Thailand can notify to change from tourist visa to Non-Ed (for educational purposes), or Non-B (for working). They have to proceed their changing visa status in person at the Immigration Bereau in Bangkok.

The following documents required to submit to the immigration:
1. Official letter for changing visa status issued by Burapha University
2. Application form T.M. 86 Click for Download
3. Passport and one copy of first page and page showing lastest visa entry
4. 1 photo (4x6 cm)
5. One copy of employment contract and employment declaration (especially for foreign employees)
6. Educational verification documents (especially for students), including student ID card, official transcript/ courses registration, acceptence/admission/invitation letter, or etc.
7. Changing visa status fee 2,000 THB

The general rule of changing visa status is that the applicant must have at least 15 days of validity left on current Thai immigration stamp.

Remark: People who hold tourist visa can ordinally stay in Thailand for 60 days, and will able extend for 30 days for the first extension and 7 days for next extension. The current fee is 1,900 THB per time.


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